No matter how hard we try, we all overindulge over the festive season…..Yep, me too!  It’s hard not to! With all the festive food in abundance and then a wine or two shared between family/friends, we can often end the occasion feeling anywhere between bloated and hungover, or both.

There is some good news though, to help you get through!  We have invaluable homeopathic remedies that work every time, and some guidance for you on supplements that will help to keep you on top of things.

Homeopathic Remedies to have in your home kit should include:

Nux vomica:

Known as the world famous “hangover” remedy.  Nux may also be useful for restoring balance when a person has over-indulged with food, for example if you are feeling bloated and bilious.  As such, it is the main remedy to have on standby during the festive season to treat symptoms such as: headache or migraine following excessive consumption of alcohol; sensitivity to light, odours, or noise; bilious or nausea and constipation also, undigested food sitting like a “rock” in the stomach.

Nux Vomica has an affinity with the liver so it may be useful to have on hand after eating a fatty or rich meal often leading to feeling bilious. Typically, the person may be cranky and irritable (proverbial “shit on the liver”).


A good choice for diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea resulting from too much good cheer and/or eating foods that have been slightly off or on the turn – a frequent occurrence with our hot weather. There may be accompanying anxiety as well.  Arsenicum may also be of benefit with viral stomach ailments producing the same symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea.


May be of benefit in hangover cases with marked dizziness, vertigo, complete exhaustion, malaise and feeling heavy/droopy.

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Supplements you should not forget to take:

B Vitamins:

As alcohol is a diuretic (the reason that you become so dehydrated), you lose a lot of vitamins and nutrients while you are having a good time.  The most important of which are vitamins B and C and it’s best that your B vitamin includes B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), folic acid, B6 and B12 among others.  B12 on it’s own can also be of great value (make sure that you are taking a B12 supplement that is readily absorbed into the bloodstream rather than via the stomach), such as Hydroxocobalamin, B Vitamins may assist with helping the liver to detoxify alcohol and toxins.  Don’t be alarmed if your urine turns neon yellow after taking a B vitamin supplement.  It’s the B2!

I would also recommend that you take your B Vitamins with food!

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C may help to detoxify the liver and protect the body against oxidative stress caused by alcohol toxins.  Vitamin C also assists with hydrating the cells of your body as well as supporting your immune system.

Zinc and Magnesium:

Zinc and Magnesium help you feel revitalised.  Since alcohol is a diuretic, Magnesium will help you rehydrate, reducing the tendency of a headache.  Scientists have also suggested that the magnesium can help to break down the alcohol left in your body, helping you to kick that hungover feeling faster.

Zinc is required by the enzymes that help to break down alcohol in your body, so supplementing it may help your body to fight the hangover.  Additionally, zinc boosts your immune system and helps decrease inflammation in the body.

Keep Hydrated:

To further minimise the side effects of too much of a good thing, keep hydrated, especially during our hot summers. Alternate each glass of wine/spirits or beer with a glass of water. Don’t quench your thirst with alcohol or soft drinks. Eat a good substantial meal before you go out and just pace yourself.

Some good substitutes are natural sparkling mineral water with slices of lemon or lime or homemade Iced tea. You can also enjoy a wine spritzer – which is half wine half soda water or mineral water.

So, check your supplies and ensure that you have sufficient supplements and Homeopathic Remedies on hand to keep you on top of all things that are Christmas.  During December, all supplements come with a 10% discount.

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Veronica, your favourite Brisbane homeopath

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to treat or diagnose symptoms.  Homoeopathy is a traditional medicine. Homeopathy may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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