Hello!   After a lengthy break I am back – hopefully able to offer you assistance, guidance and insights into your wellness and health journey.  No matter where you are at – with most of us just trying to scramble through each day – it’s a place to start or continue!
It has been my experience that Dr Google can be most confusing and overwhelming, so a “health” checkup with someone you know and trust is a most wise decision, one to provide some direction regarding what you should eat – for nutrition – and what supplements would be of benefit. 
The latest fad diets and “best” nutrition currently getting media attention include the Keto diet, followed by the Paleo diet.  In fact, there are hundreds of diets out there that all claim to be “The” best diet. And now, fasting also seems to also be a “diet” of choice.  However, your diet can only work in your favour if it suits your lifestyle and values, for example – if you are
Vegetarian/vegan diets have recently become very popular, for many reasons and in particular with young girls/adolescents.   I completely understand all the reasons for this choice as I have been a vegetarian for over 25yrs.  Back in the day – it was much more difficult to manage.  Today it is just confusing, and often not done well and this is compounded by the myriad of meat substitutes out there. There are many types of vegetarian – for me – I choose not to eat meat/chicken/fish or basically anything with a face.  I have lessened my stand on it over the last couple of years and will eat a piece of fish occasionally – in particular when I travel – because Vegetarian options anywhere in the world tend to be limited, usually extremely boring, carb loaded and of zero nutritional value.  As popular as vegetarianism is – it is often done badly – pretty much everywhere and generally poorly understood.  And many people – with hearts in the right places,make a switch to vegetarianism ill equipped with the knowledge and resources to know how to eat well, not too mention the flood of meat substitute products on the market which – from my knowledge base – are just chemical concoctions with zero nutritional value capitalising on the current trend of vegetarian/vegan choices. 
All this said – I will be sharing more of my vegetarian journey with you over time!  In the meantime, most if not all young girls/adolescents/women choosing to be vegetarian may be nutritionally deficient – including but not limited to iron, B12, zinc and many other micronutrients required for immune health,mental health (anxiety/depression), hormonal health and
basically just feeling normal. 
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