Your physical body speaks to you via symptoms. Symptoms are not the issue. The issue

is what is causing them.

Symptoms are a language and unique to each individual! What I do is assist you to work out what your language is.

Often, especially these days with time going so fast, we experience “curve balls” that make us stop and reevaluate. Often, these “curve balls” are related to health issues – whether that of a loved one, someone you are close to, your children –regardless of how old they are or your own health. This frequently has quite a ripple effect in our lives. We then have to adapt, process and research what to do. There is not one person I know that is not affected by this issue. This is what “life” has become and most consider it normal. However, that is a discussion for another day.

Too often doctors (Including Dr Google) and clients alike assume that a person’s symptoms are the disease and that simply treating these symptoms is the best way to cure. Such treatment could be compared to trying to unplug a car’s emergency oil light because it is flashing.  Although unplugging the bulb is effective in stopping that irritating flashing light, it does nothing to change the reason it is giving its warning.

know this all too well from my own experiences and there have been many. I know what severe depression is (back in the early 1980’s). The symptoms were there however, what caused it was a mystery. It was this desperate situation that directed me to Natural Medicine as the medical system had no answers. Intuitively, I refused medication and I was told on more than one occasion that it was just my female overactive imagination and get over it. One thing led to another and my passion for Naturopathy/Homeopathy was born. It was challenging at that time as everything I/we had been told that was good for our health (through Dr’s, TV and advertising) was incorrect. 

However,it all made sense – you know that gut feeling you get when something just feels right! Fast forward a few years towards the end of my studies, I was confronted with a cancer diagnosis. This was life changing at the time. It was a cancer in the bowel, I had part of my bowel removed and recovered over time. I refused chemotherapy and focused on supplements mostly. At that time, I did not know what else to do.

This is now over 10yrs ago and gosh, what I have learned. I do not support cancer causes that focus on “cure” for cancer – as this is funding for pharmaceutical companies. However, I do support any group or organisation that focuses on education and prevention of illnesses. Cures cannot be found until you know what the cause is. To clarify, pharmacy drugs can be lifesaving in crisis care and I am all for that. To look at what causes cancer, well that is a loaded question! Depends on where you look and what your beliefs are. For me, it’s our food, lifestyles and a plethora of misinformation. Add to that the toxins in our environment, eg skincare, shampoos, deodorant, toothpaste and fluoride in our water. Add in chronic stress overload and there you have it…. cancer waiting to happen. The list is quite endless (drugs, alcohol, hormone replacements including the pill, as they are significant endocrine disrupters, cigarettes. etc).  In my case, there is a strong genetic timeline, having lost my Dad when he was 65yrs to Cancer.  This in part is what let me to a vegetarian diet. 

These are significant events and a couple of years ago another curve ball came along. More on that  another time. With each event I uncovered so much more of myself that I did not know and I had kept many parts of myself hidden. Privacy has always been important to me and to share my health journey for me is humbling.

Over the past couple of years, I had been encouraged to share my stories more. I have also opened up more to the many positives of modern medicine and how life saving it can be, with regards to surgery.

However, what I can tell you for certain is that without Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy and my own spiritual journey, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I would not be here now.

 All this has led me to a much deeper understanding of what symptoms mean, Yes, I did treat the symptoms but also am dealing with the causations – which is still a work in progress. Add to that – I did and still do have a fabulous support team (my GP, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, spiritual mentors etc) as you cannot treat what you cannot see…………….this is called our blind spot – I also learned this the hard way.

I do feel so blessed for the life I have, and it gives me great joy to assist others in navigating through the confusion that our lives have become. From sorting out diets, to dealing with stress and finding the right supplements for you that can be life changing instead of money wasting.

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