Most people find their first visit to a homeopath a surprising experience!  In order to do what we do, we require loads of information on you!  Many homeopaths tackle this in different ways but the outcome is frequently much the same – i.e., you begin to feel better!  We recognise that each person is so complex and that what is causing certain symptoms in one person may be completely different in another.  To me, symptoms are just your body communicating with you, letting you know that there are some things out of whack and require your attention.  If you ignore or cover up these symptoms, they generally increase with frequency and discomfort or often, you might band-aid one issue only to have another completely different issue pop up somewhere else. It all catches up with you in the end.

Well then, before you even see me, you will have completed an extensive questionnaire on your current health and your health history.  I do this for many reasons:

  • It is time-saving for both of us and money saving for you. By the time you walk in the door, I have your file ready and all personal details sorted.
  • It gives me an opportunity to gain some insight into what direction I take the appointment.
  • Your completed questionnaire assists with finding the pieces of the unique complex person you are that may be out of balance.
  • It allows time in your appointment to go into your story if needed. You have put this time aside for yourself……… make the most of it in a safe environment.
  • It demonstrates commitment on your part.
  • I do a lot of detective work so your questionnaire is usually an introduction to more questions.
  • It allows some time on research on my part should I need to.


  • Your first appointment for an adult – allow one to one and a half hours.
  • You will be given a homeopathic remedy that matches your requirements at that time, and possibly a practitioner only nutritional supplement. Your diet may be tweaked a bit. Full instructions will be supplied and everything will be explained to you, all tailored to suit you and where you are at.
  • My aim is to get you started with your journey toward health and it may just be one small step at first! Tackling too much too soon can be overwhelming! It needs to feel right and be easy for you!
  • Some follow up times are arranged before you go to check in with you to see how you are travelling.

A very high percentage of my clients comment on how insightful this process is on their health time line and every one of my clients appreciate that someone is there to care and listen to them.

My focus on your first appointment is to discover what you want from your consultations, we discuss various options for your treatment by taking into account your budget and what works best for you.  For deep-seated chronic conditions – we discuss a plan moving forward.

Ultimately its your body and your life, you get to decide, I see my role as guiding and supporting you to optimum health and wellness for you!

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