Irritating coughs?  Try Homeopathy!


Do you have irritating coughs? There appears to be a lot of coughing around lately and it may be refreshing to know that Homeopathy may be something to consider. Some coughs can linger for months and become very irritating.

Remedies for different types irritating coughsBelow are a couple of the most common cough remedies that I use in my clinic and may resolve common coughs from colds and flu, however, there are many more remedies that may be useful, depending on the nature of the cough.  If we match the right remedy for the cough it may bring immediate relief.

Remedies for different types irritating coughts


These coughs are often brought on from exposure to dry cold air.  May be useful for children who develop a dry cough with a rapid change of weather from hot to cold, usually from dry cold winds.

Antimonium tart

Ant tart may be indicated for that “loose” and “rattling” sound in the chest with expectoration very difficult! We call this “Difficult Cough”.  You probably feel worse lying down and better for sitting up.  Often better for cold/outside air, worse warmth.


A Bryonia cough usually is a sharp, hard, very dry cough that may hurt your chest and head.  You may have to hold your chest or hold your head when coughing.  The least motion makes your cough worse, even breathing makes it worse.   Often you will feel better for rest and cool open air.

Hep sulph

Hep Sulph may be for either a dry or loose cough, with difficult expectoration.  You may feel cold and cold air or drafts aggravate the cough. Often with a loose cough, there is thick yellow mucus.


Another remedy for dry coughs.  This cough can sound like barking, hollow, metallic or can sound like fabric ripping or a carpenter sawing through wood.   Can feel as if breathing though a sponge.  This cough can be aggravated in a warm room, when lying down, in windy weather and on exertion.


This type of cough is hard, painful, dry, barking and may cause gagging or vomiting.  Often described as if there is a crumb or feather sensation in the throat.  This cough may be aggravated when lying, sometimes worse after midnight and aggravated by cold drinks.


This remedy may be useful for a dry, incessant, violent, tickling cough.  Tickle in the throat.  A Rawness sensation may be felt in the trachea.  Worse from uncovering.  Even just sticking your hand out of the covers excites a cough.  This cough often prevents sleep.  There is coughing as soon as your head hits the pillow.  There may be mucus in the throat!  This cough is worse on inhaling cold air so you may pull the covers over your head.

HomeopathyHomeopathy is one of the most used complementary therapies in the world and may be of help to people suffering from a wide range of conditions, Homeopathy treats the person and not just the symptoms.  Homeopathy can be of benefit for the whole family at any stage of life: men, women, mothers, fathers, teenagers and the elderly.

There are so many more remedies available for all sorts of coughs!  It is important that you contact your Homeopath to discuss what is the most appropriate cough remedy and doses. 

Veronica, your favourite Brisbane homeopath

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to treat or diagnose symptoms.  Homoeopathy is a traditional medicine. Homeopathy may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.


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