Celloids = tissues Salts which is Mineral Therapy

Getting back to basics………………. Minerals

Natural healthcare professionals have practiced the tradition of Mineral Therapy for over 75 years. The modality was pioneered by Maurice Blackmore (1906-1977) based on his convictions that a cellular deficiency of minerals is ‘the lowest common denominator of disease’ and that minerals are ‘the missing link’ the body requires in order to function efficiently and to repair itself.

Did you know I prescribe a full range of celloids (tissue salts) in clinic? Practically everyone is deficient these days of at least one if not more minerals.

The focus for this blog is on the mineral Silica.

Silica – the most abundant mineral in our planet is also the main mineral required for the foundation of optimum health and for maintaining it. Silica is often referred to as “the mother of all minerals” and is essential for all of the connective tissue in our body. Connective tissue consists of cartilage, bone, teeth, hair, finger/toenails, tendons, muscle and skin. Also, of note is that all of the tubing of our blood vessels need silica to help keep it supple. We need our bone and teeth to remain strong, and our tendons and cartilage to remain flexible. It is also needed to promote collagen and elastin in the skin (along with Vitamin C). Are you looking for thick, lustrous hair? – try Silica (and Zinc).

Deficiencies are common for many reasons, however, most commonly aging, nutritional deficiencies and medication interference are the main causes. The common thought around strong bones is that we need calcium! However, without Silica, it won’t be of much benefit. Not to mention that for calcium to be utilised for strengthening our bones, we also need all of the supporting co factors – for example, Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and boron. Most calcium supplements basically just deposit calcium on top of bone – or if you have too much calcium that the body cannot utilise, it is deposited in the soft tissues of the body. Over time this accumulates, and that area becomes calcified – very common in the breasts of women. Heel spurs are also a classic case of misplaced calcium and may benefit from Silica. Anyway – back to Silica!

Silica may be of assistance with:

• Conditions affecting bone, tendons, ligaments.

• Lack of growth, strength or vitality of fingernails or hair.

• Degenerative conditions of connective tissue e.g. arthritis particularly osteoarthritis.

• Abnormal nutrition and calcification of bone, tendon, ligament and cartilage e.g. bone spurs.

• Skin fissures e.g. cracked lips, cracked heels, anal fissures.

• Abscesses, boils and sties.

Silica, combined with Calcium Fluoride – SCF is a powerful combination and may assist with:

• Prolopses eg, intervertebral disc, intestinal or uterine

• Loss of integrity and strength of connective tissue

• Hernia’s

• Poor mineralisation of teeth and bone, imperfect or defective tooth enamel

• Profuse perspiration with strong odour, especially from the feet.

• Hair falling out, spilt ends.

• Inflamed or receding gums

• Lack of integrity of gastric mucosa (also connective tissue)

• Tongue – cracks, mapped or split

• Cracked skin around nail bed.

Celloids are really inexpensive (RRP $ 24.00 for 170tablets) and easy to take – usually chewed with a warm cup of tea.
If you would like to know more – Book in for a health check to see what minerals you may require and what the best dosage is for you!
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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to treat or diagnose symptoms.  Homoeopathy is a traditional medicine. Homeopathy may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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