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This time of year is popular for travel, whether road tripping in our vast magnificent country or an overseas adventure. Either way, there is always the chance that some mishap will occur.

Good news is that its easy to leave home well prepared for travel illnesses with your own natural remedies first aid kit.

Most people going on holiday take along some products or medications just in case its needed, however, with a little planning you can leave home much better prepared.

Our family natural remedy kit started soon after I first used homeopathic remedies for my boys when they were quite young. Our collection of remedies was kept in a partitioned plastic case that slid under the car seat when road tripping and for our beach holidays. It proved invaluable many, many times for all sorts of ailments from sunburn, summer colds, bluebottle stings, sprained ankles and even New Year’s Day hangovers.

Over the last decade, we travelled further afield including Canada, parts of USA, Alaska, and the Middle East. My natural remedies kit went along on each journey and proved itself invaluable, assisting with sniffles, upset tummies and jetlag – to name a few.

Homeopathic first aid kits may assist with Travelers Diarrhoea, food poisoning, fluid retention, sunburn and burns, sprains strains and bruising, nausea, travel sickness, infections, fever, insect and animal bites and stings, plus others. We also add various remedies selected to suit the individual using each kit. A migraine remedy for one, another gets sinus pain in flight, two are very susceptible to altitude sickness, another to skin infections, so we add these types or remedies where they are needed. In other words, you can tailor your kit to suit your own travel needs and to suit your destination.

Homeopathic remedies always form the basis of our travel kit. They are small, light and quickly very effective. There are several basic remedies we take wherever we go. Then we add others selected specifically for the problems we’ll likely encounter in the area we’re visiting.

Some common travel remedies I would never travel without is: Aconite, Arsenicum, Arnica, Nux Vom, Belladonna and Hep Sulph. There are many more depending on where you are going. When doing long overseas flights I would not be without my Jetlag remedy. Many of my clients will have these remedies at home!

Other Natural remedies to consider would be:


Many people find it difficult when they travel through developing nations because there’s a huge range of bacteria that they’re not normally exposed to.

Taking good quality probiotics increases good gut bacteria and supports your immune system. Taking them right through your travel may help protect you from ‘Traveller’s Diarrhoea’, keeping your immunity high so you don’t get sick so easily, and help your digestion when it’s weakened by a strange diet or unfamiliar bacteria. They’re also very restorative if you do happen to catch parasites, which is common!

A strain of probiotic is used for this called Saccharomyces Boulardii (SB for short) which is available in clinic and does not require refrigeration.

Lavender Oil

Young Living Lavender oil has a host of uses, from assisting with calming anxiety, restlessness and sleeping, it is also a great first aid responder for bug bites, minor burns and for relieve of minor sunburn. Further to this, massaging a drop or two of Lavender Oil on your throat may relieve sore throats as it has natural antibacterial properties. I often make up a small spray bottle with a couple of drops of Lavender oil in some pure water and use this to refresh my skin (face) and to freshen up Hotel rooms.

Rescue Remedy or Emergency Essence

A brilliant combination of flower essences to soothe and calm the emotions when needed. Not everything goes according to plan, even a rough flight can rattle you. Rescue remedy is perfect when the nerves require some assistance to settle down.

For guidance and assistance to put together your Natural Remedy Travel kit – book here!