Blending healing with Science

It seems that all too often we think that to get well it must be either via Orthodox medicine (Your GP and pharmacy medications) or Traditional medicine (Homeopathy, Essential Oils, Herbal Medicine, supplements and so on).  modern medicineIn part, this is how we are programmed.

Many doctors do not see traditional medicine as relevant to health and would not refer you to a traditional practitioner, and many traditional practitioners work only within the realms of their own knowledge and are not open to modern medicine.

This is such a shame and often frustrating for patients and clients alike.

Modern medicine can be lifesaving and can provide relief of acute symptoms. The technology today with surgery is outstanding.  Much can be discovered with early testing and resolved through early intervention. However, modern medicine does fall short in areas of diet and nutrition and of building strong robust immune systems.  Its approach is often around treating symptoms rather than looking at what is causing the symptoms.

To become healthy and staying that way falls mainly with Traditional medicine where we work with the client from the ground up to establish good immune health.

It can also be seen this way…………. Modern Medicine is generally more around treating acute illnesses and symptoms and Traditional medicine focuses more on causation or prevention of disease.

However, there is a grey area – where both values and beliefs meet or overlap if you like.  It is a small area but very significant and they can complement each other brilliantly.  It is this level of understanding that I operate from.  One is not better than or superior to the other, they are both necessary in this day and age.  To work together in harmony is a dream of mine.

traditional medicineDuring the years of practice as a homeopath, I have developed a love for clinical pathology and functional testing.  This probably stems from my nursing background.  Working with pathology gives me a “look” inside the body and allows a focused and tailored treatment plan that is uniquely yours.  Sometimes, all that is required for treatment is addressing nutritional deficiencies.

For example – I often see women with unexplained fatigue – they feel run down, constantly tired and can be irritable.  Easy to blame hormones and sometimes they can be a contributing factor, however, the following are all associated with energy depletion: Low iron and /or iron stores, low B12, an under-functioning thyroid, low magnesium, hormone imbalances – either reproductive hormones or adrenal hormones, inflammation and an under a functioning immune system.

Allergies and neurotransmitters (mood hormones) are also a factor.  In fact, if allergies and histamine intolerances are constantly hammering your immune system then ongoing fatigue is common.  Compounded stress and worry also depletes our adrenals and can leave us feeling constantly frazzled.  As you can see, treating “fatigue” is finding the needle in the haystack first.

Combining the science of nutrition plus functional testing with the healing powers of traditional energy medicines is what is termed “blending healing with Science”.  This covers the best of both worlds for the benefit of your brilliant health and wellbeing.

Veronica, your favorite Brisbane homeopath

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to treat or diagnose symptoms.  Homoeopathy is a traditional medicine. Homeopathy may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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