The Health Australia Party (HAP) was formed in 2015 to respond to the well-funded, sustained and coordinated attacks on natural medicine by vested interests in Australia which has placed all natural therapists at risk.

A review in 2015 by NHMRC has concluded that 17 modalities including Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Massage were ineffective and unproven despite their extensive international evidence base. This report was then used by the Natural Therapies Review Advisory Committee to suggest discontinuing Australian government rebates on natural therapies for private health insurance.

In 2016, the passage of the Health Complaints Bill in Victoria has further put practitioners under risk, by forcing the onus of proof on the practitioner to substantiate their treatments, which is now much more difficult due to the NHMRC findings. This means that all natural therapists are now at risk of malicious complaints by groups who have the ear of politicians, health bureaucrats and peak medical institutions. This legislation is being rolled out to all States in various forms. Everyone is at risk.

If you are a practitioner, or a patient using natural medicine services, we must act now to protect Natural Medicine. HAP believes the best possible defense will come from harnessing the base of goodwill and support from patients and practitioners and by having our people elected to the Senate at the 2016 elections.

By having advocates able to speak directly to fellow politicians and expose the bias and non-science behind the attacks noted above, HAP believes it can positively impact the longevity and accessibility of Natural Medicine. HAP is not a single issue Party, but the issue of protecting peoples’ rights to choose the methods of healthcare they want into the future is at the heart of the HAP. Please see our website for our party policies.

So how can you help?

HAP does not take donations from vested interests or lobbyist groups, and relies upon membership fees or personal donations for it’s day-to-day operations. With elections around the corner, your financial support will go a long way to building a successful election campaign.

First and foremost, please consider joining as a Member. It costs just $20 per year and will greatly assist in the success of our campaign. If you don’t wish to join as a Member please sign up as a friend (free) so you can receive our emails, and if you’d like to donate more or less than $20, we welcome any donations you can offer via our Go Fund Me campaign.

You can join as a member or friend here

Your actions will make a difference. Help us to help you, the profession, and those who use Natural Medicine. We must respond!