Do you really know what is in your supplements?

With Natural Health Supplements so many so readily available on your Supermarket shelves, you may be inclined to get confused on what the actual differences are and end up to simply decide on price.

There are ‘Secret’ Ingredients… 

  • The quality of a product is not simply determined by the ingredients listed on the packaging – called ‘active’ ingredients, but for example, many readily available Vitamin C products have more than just Vitamin C in it.
  • From your health benefits’ perspective it is important that the active ingredients are of the highest quality and strength as listed on the packaging and THEN in order to give the outcome you want it is essential to know what other ‘secret’ ingredients have been added.

What do you mean: ‘Secret’ Ingredients?

  • While readily available supplements list the ‘active’ ingredients, those that are usually giving the product it’s name, like Vitamin C, there are also a range of ‘inactive’ ingredients (professionally called: excipients).
  • Excipients or “inactive ingredients” are the lubricants that allow faster production of the tablets. Fillers used allow a press mould to be used, to create size and shape. Then there are the glues that hold a tablet together and the chemicals used in the coating to keep it all ‘protected’.
  • Examples of inactive ingredients include: sulfites, benzoates, aspartame, saccharin, oleic acid, benzyl alcohol, lactose, soya lecithin, propylene.

So what’s the problem with ‘Secret’ Ingredients?

  • Many excipients (inactive ingredients) are poorly researched and either synthetically or chemically manufactured and their impact on your health is not considered as you DON’T know they are in the product!
  • Amongst the Natural Health Professionals, it is commonly known that for someone with asthma, skin problems or allergy supplements actually aggravate the problem due to inactive ingredients.
  • Generally speaking, the larger the tablet, the more lubricants are used (hydrogenated oils such as magnesium stearate).
  • Concern is particularly noted for “time-released” products. For example, time/sustained release vitamin C tablets require up to 400mg more of hydrogenated oils. Some brands use up to 60% of excipients….and that’s the problem – you don’t know!

What should you do?

At NM Practices we engage only qualified, trained Health Practitioners who know the supplements he/she recommends to you, including what the ‘secret’ ingredients are. At our Natural Medicine Practice we ONLY recommend and prescribe quality, purity and application of that supplement.  By knowing the supplements, we can also determine the benefit for you and that you will see a healthy outcome!

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