Turn back the clock five months, and I was a different woman.

To say I was unwell would be a colossal understatement – I was recovering from Glandular Fever at a snail’s pace, was more fatigued than a sleep-deprived sloth, had more sick days than good days, and was still feeling the effects of suffering from the Measles a year earlier. My body was breaking down, and no matter how many green juices I drank, or how many hours sleep I had under my belt, I couldn’t fix it. I was an emotional wreck, exhausted physically and mentally, and frustrated by doctor after doctor, even hospital staff where I had spent a brief stint during Glandular Fever complications, telling me there was nothing they could do. I remember thinking, surely I can’t be expected to just wait this out, as my quality of life was rapidly diminishing.

It was my mum who suggested taking a different path. She scouted out Veronica Mander, a homeopath local to us, and emailed her with my virus-ridden story. Horrified, Veronica immediately got in contact, and insisted on scheduling us in as soon as possible. Only a week later, I was sitting in Veronica’s office, almost in tears, telling her how exhausted I was by my constantly sickness, as she sat patiently and listened. Compared to the prior seven months of antibiotic prescriptions, hours spent in medical waiting rooms, countless blood tests, faceless doctors, and inconclusive results, Veronica was able to put me on the route to good health in an instant. By asking the right questions, and listening carefully to my answers, she prescribed the perfect potion of herbs and supplements that had me more energised and fighting viruses within the month.

Five months later and I’m the picture of good health. I am no longer tired after waking up in the morning, and my energy lasts all day until I’m tucked back in bed. My immune system is fully functioning again, and I haven’t felt under the weather (not for a moment!) for at least three months. Gone is the sadness and mood swings, replaced by the happy, sparkly me I hadn’t seen in almost a year.

And I have Veronica to thank. From day one, her sincere concern for my wellbeing has touched my heart, as I’ve never experienced such compassion from a healthcare professional. I would recommend Veronica to anyone who is unwell, feeling out of touch with their body or who is not getting the answers they need elsewhere. Not only did she get me back on track, but she taught me a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Ashley H

22 years, Brisbane

It’s interesting how people come into our lives. Veronica walked into a networking group I attended a number of years ago and I knew then she was someone different. It took months of procrastination to see her, then I was hooked. It is her alertness, experience, intuition, intelligence, passion and knowledge of how we tick that make her, and I’ve often quoted this, “The best homeopathic and wellness practitioner in the country”.

I had a number of issues after I split with my partner; I don’t now, Veronica fixed me. She is highly competent and self assured and intuitively combines this superbly with her generosity, vulnerability, love and empowerment. Truly, one of the great holistic practitioners I’m likely to meet in my lifetime.

Andrew Warnes

For most of my life I suffered numerous sinus and throat infections every year. Along with my friends and family, I couldn’t understand why I came down with so many illnesses. In 2011 I became chronically ill. I was constantly fatigued, achy and generally didn’t feel well. After more than six months I wasn’t getting any better and I was missing a lot of work. I saw numerous doctors who didn’t know what was wrong, simply diagnosing it as ‘some kind of virus’. It eventually started taking a toll on my mental state and I began to feel depressed by it all. When I contacted Veronica, I was desperate and willing to try anything. I knew very little about homeopathy, but Veronica was very professional and understanding. She really listened to me. It was the best decision I could have made. Through treatment by Veronica my symptoms abated and my health was restored. Today I am the healthiest I have ever been. I no longer get the numerous infections every year, in fact I rarely get sick nowadays, something I thought would never be possible for me. I not only got my health back, I got my life back. I would highly recommend Veronica to anyone.

Amy Porter

After suffering 9 bouts of tonsillitis in a year, for which I had been hospitalised for, I was on my last tether. Short of getting my tonsils taken out (which I was told by 2 doctor’s that they wouldn’t do it), I had tried all the “traditional” methods for treating my tonsillitis. So much so that all of the antibiotics usually used for treatment of tonsillitis no longer worked, as soon as I finished the dose, the pain and infection would be back the next day. My body was not coping and the antibiotics were only acting as a bandaid, they weren’t actually treating the problem.  When my doctor was contemplating putting me on long term antibiotics (for which I told him I was not happy with), I decided that there had to be a better way that didn’t include keeping an infection in my body and taking lots of drugs! A Google search led me to Veronica and her homeopathic remedies and I have never felt better. She gave me a first round of treatment just for the tonsillitis and pain and after a week I could swallow, no longer taste pus and was in no pain. It was the first time in a year that I had felt well!

We continued with treating the cause of the infection, along with everything else that being on antibiotics had done to my body. I haven’t had even an inkling of a sore throat since seeing Veronica and I will be forever grateful to her for this! I look forward to continuing in her care and our goal to get my body healthy and at it’s optimum!

Rebekah (Bek) Fitz-Payne

I have been a client of Veronica Mander for two years. During that time she has helped me to lead a life of optimal health. Veronica has been an ear for me when I have needed it most. She listens without judgement and offers practical advice that has kept me on a positive path. Not only has she helped me on an emotional level, she has also assisted with my physical health, from nutrition to hormones. I have now moved from Australia to New Zealand and continue to seek Veronica’s services. If you are looking for compassion, honesty and reality, I thoroughly recommend Veronica Mander as a homeopathic consultant. Thank you, Veronica.

Anna Hoffman