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Interested in trying to grow your own veggies and herbs but don’t know where to start? Rohanne, from The Delectable Garden will help you set up your vegetable garden so you can grow and harvest your own veggies easily!

As you can imagine, trying to prove a part of a particular food is beneficial has its challenges, but the evidence so far is very encouraging and it seems that our diet needs to contain a combination of different fruits and vegetables to have maximum impact on our health. It is recommended that you eat a rainbow of foods so that you gain the maximum micronutrients, which the body can then use to help fight disease, keep you healthy and maximise your wellbeing.

This rainbow can include red from capsicums; orange from oranges and sweet potato; yellow from bananas; green from lettuce and spinach; blue from blueberries and purple from cabbages and purple cauliflowers.

People are progressively becoming aware of the impact of what they eat on both their short-term and long-term health. Food is more than something to fill you up, it can actually make you healthy and help fight disease!

We have known for centuries that deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can lead to serious illnesses such as scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) and rickets (vitamin D deficiency), but we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of many of the micronutrients in foods that we previously thought were not important, other than to provide foods with colour and flavour.

Many of our nutritional needs with regard to nutrients come from vegetables, herbs and fruit. With regard to micronutrients, these are mostly found in plant-based foods, and often these are the components that give fruits and vegetables their colour, such as the bright blue colour of blueberries, which come from molecules called anthocyanidins.

Over the last decade or two, scientists have been studying the effects of micronutrients on human health. It appears that many of these micronutrients have anti-oxidant and antimicrobial actions that can actually help reduce both the incidence and severity of human diseases including heart disease and various forms of cancer. They can also help slow down the aging process!

The trouble is that vegetables and fruit start to deteriorate the moment they are harvested. And, in this global economy, by the time they reach your plate they could have flown half-way round the world or sat in cold storage for weeks, perhaps both!

This is why more and more people are turning to local markets to buy their fruit and vegetables. If you are lucky then the vegetables will have been grown locally and harvested in the last day or so (not always guaranteed even with local markets). This means that the amount of deterioration will have been minimised, depending on how you then store your veggies and when you eat them.

However, you can go one better and actually grow your own fruits and veggies! This way you only pick what you need when you need it and you have total control over any chemicals that are used in growing your veggies. Apart from the benefits to your health, the difference in flavour is massive.

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