From the British Royal Family to Mother Theresa, Homeopathy is used world wide to treat a wide range of ailments the natural way

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a unique system of medicine that stimulates the body’s own natural healing ability. It is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’

Substances that on the one end of the scale can cause symptoms of disease can on the other end also help heal

Think about coffee, as an example. On the one hand coffee can over-stimulate the nervous system and cause insomnia while in Homeopathic preparation of micro doses coffee relieves insomnia

Here a table of Common Homeopathic Remedies and their uses by Your Homeopath

1. Arnica

  • Assists body’s natural resistance to shock, injury, fatigue and bruising
  • Before and after dental surgery and in times of trauma
  • Aids normal muscle recovery after strenuous exercise or exertion

2. Bellandonna

  • Assists the body’s normal reaction to temperature imbalance

3. Calc Fluor

  • Supports healthy healing of muscle injuries, varicose veins

4. Calc Phos

Relieves pains in joints and bones, stiffness and pain in limbs, that’s worse with change of weather

5. Calc Sulph

  • Aids healing of cuts and wounds that discharge pus and are slow to heal, also helpful for dry and itchy skin rashes and teenage acne conditions

6. Ferr Phos

  • Helps during early stages of fever and inflammation, nosebleeds and teething fever

7. Kali Mur

  • Ideal remedy for allergies, sinus infections, and excess mucus relieves colds when there is white nasal discharge, tongue is coated white and sinus problems exist
  • Help with emotional symptoms including nervousness, anxiety, mental confusion, lack of interest

8. Kali Phos

  • Helps during nervous exhaustion, tension, irritability
  • Especially useful in situations of overwork and worry – specially studying

9. Mag Phos

  • Helps relieve cramping of muscles, muscular twitching, rheumatic pains, menstrual pains, fatigue and exhaustion

10. Melantonin

  • Relieves the symptoms of sleeplessness at night particularly when caused by jet-lag

11. Nat Mur

  • Help relieve fluid retention
  • Helpful to overcome situations of sadness, grief and anger

12. Nat Phos

  • Useful when there is excess acid, relieves gout, stiffness

13. Nat Sulph

  • Helps body’s response to indigestion, heartburn and flatulance

14. Silica

  • Assist brittle/ribbed nails with white spots, relieves acne
  • Beneficial for relieving sweaty feet

Make sure you see a Homeopathic Specialist in order to determine which Remedy is right for you as there is always an underlying cause which needs to be established and treated.

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